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Tips For Creating a Dog-Friendly Office

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Here at Kurgo, dogs are part of the team. Given our industry, it was a natural fit to welcome our four-legged companions to the office. That's not to say that we didn't put considerable time and thought into creating a dog-friendly office that would work best for all. Multiple studies point to the many benefits of having dogs clock in including increasing productivity among employees and reduced stress levels. At Kurgo, on any given day we may have 6 dogs or more gracing us with their tail-wagging presence. These dogs bring their own dose of awesome with them to work each day and we love having them around. 

We've put together a video of our office that offers tips for how to successfully create an environment where dogs and humans alike will feel welcome. You also may also want to check out our 10 Easy Steps to Create a Dog-Friendly Office post where we spell out some of the tips in this video and introduce you to some other companies who also welcome dogs. 

This video was created by our amazing summer 2018 intern, Sydney Ryan. Sydney and her fabulous dog Ego can be found over @endeavorsofego

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