Hiking with Your Dog: State by State Guides

Hiking with Your Dog: State by State Guides

Posted by Brooke Spater on 8th April 2019

Did you know that by 2060, day hiking is
projected to see the greatest rate of growth in adults out of any outdoor recreational activity
according to the American Hiking Society?
As the dog adventure experts, we know that many people want to include their pups in these hikes too. After all, what makes a dog happier than endless
sniffing opportunities and varied terrain over which to roam? Enjoying the
great outdoors with your dog is one of the best ways you can bond. Hiking
through the wilderness together improves your health, brightens your mood, and
brings you closer together.

Here at Kurgo, we’ve created hiking guides by state and region. We are constantly adding to
this list, so if you don’t see your state or region, please let us know and
we’ll try to add it.

Arizona: https://www.kurgo.com/blog/dog-friendly-hikes-arizona/

British Columbia: https://www.kurgo.com/blog/dogfriendly-hikes-british-columbia/

Colorado: https://www.kurgo.com/blog/dog-friendly-hikes-colorado/

Lake George: https://www.kurgo.com/blog/dog-friendly-hiking-trails-lake-george-ny/

Massachusetts: https://www.kurgo.com/blog/12-best-dog-friendly-hikes-in-massachusetts/

New Hampshire: https://www.kurgo.com/blog/dog-friendly-hiking-trails-in-new-hampshire

North Carolina: https://www.kurgo.com/blog/dogfriendly-hikes-north-carolina/

Northern California: https://www.kurgo.com/blog/dogfriendly-hikes-northern-california/

Oregon: https://www.kurgo.com/blog/dog-friendly-hikes-in-oregon/

South Carolina: https://www.kurgo.com/blog/dogfriendly-hikes-south-carolina/

Washington State: https://www.kurgo.com/blog/dog-friendly-hikes-washington-state/

Montana: https://www.kurgo.com/blog/dogfriendly-hikes-montana/

Idaho: https://www.kurgo.com/blog/dogfriendly-hikes-idaho/

Vermont: https://www.kurgo.com/blog/dogfriendly-hikes-vermont/

Maine: https://www.kurgo.com/blog/dogfriendly-hikes-maine/

More hikes coming soon! 

For additional resources, please be sure to check out our hiking checklist.

Where do you and your dog like to hike?

Brooke Spater oversees Social Media Marketing at Kurgo. She manages the Kurgo blog and enjoys spending time with her husband, 3 kids, and their 90 lb. Goldendoodle named Baxter.

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