Go-Tech Adventure Dog Harness

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This harness does so much with so little, it’s the Hemingway of dog harnesses

The Go-Tech Adventure Harness is the perfect choice for active dogs who never stop moving and don’t want a harness getting between them and exploring. The cut is minimalist and unobtrusive, and it’s made of a breathable, lightweight material, while the V-neck design and padded chest piece reduce stress on the neck and sternum. But simplified design doesn’t mean missing out on features–after all, it’s still a harness, so it needs to do harness stuff. Front and back leash attachments give you options, while reflective trim makes your dog easy to spot, even in the dark.

  • Made with durable 1050D and ripstop fabric
  • Back handle to extract or assist dogs
  • All steel nested buckle hardware
  • Front and back leash attachments
  • Reflective trim
  • Wide neck perfect for barrel-chested breeds
  • Designed for running, walking and hiking
  • Includes a 10-inch seat belt loop to prevent distracted driving. This harness is not crash tested. View our crash-tested dog harnesses .
  • California Resident?: Prop65 Product safety information

Recommended Accessories

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Size Chart

Measure chest and neck to determine harness size. The fit should be snug but not restrictive. The Go-Tech Harness does NOT have an adjustable neck.

SizeNeck (A)Chest (B)Dog Weight
Small15 in (38 cm)16 - 22 in (41 - 56 cm)10 - 25 lbs (5 - 11 kg)
Medium18 in (45 cm)18 - 28 in (46 - 71 cm)25 - 50 lbs (11 - 23 kg)
Large22 in (56 cm)24 - 34 in (61 - 86 cm)50 - 80 lbs (23 - 36 kg)
X-Large24 in (61 cm)28 - 44 in (71 - 112 cm)80 - 110 lbs (36 - 50 kg)



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