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Road Map for a Successful Road Trip (VIDEO)

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Here at Kurgo, we love going together with our dogs. One of our favorite ways to do this is by taking our pups along for a road trip! Check out the video below for our top tips to have a successful, pet friendly journey.

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Product Spotlight: Kurgo Dog Carriers

Kurgo dog carriers are built for small dogs on the go. With a stylish, sporty look and waterproof bottom, these carriers are durable and built to last. Perfect for dogs under 15 pounds, get ready to Go Together with your pup. Watch the video below to see specific details on why our quality carriers will [...]

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Top Tips For RVing With Your Dog

Living the RV life can be a great vacation or a full time lifestyle! One of the main reasons people choose to travel by RV is so that they can bring their pets. According to a 2016 survey done by the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association; 61 percent of RV owners bring their pets along for [...]

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How Dogs Know to Comfort us

It often seems that our dogs can sense our moods. Have you ever felt upset, and then looked down to find that your dog has run over to you? Recent research has delved into the nature of this bond. Are dogs responding to our feelings, our body language, or something else? Read on to find [...]

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​The Art of Paddling Boarding with Your Pup

A paddle board can be a lifelong investment for both you and your pup. This activity combines extensive exercise with a new way to discover lakes and oceans. Take your dog along for the ride, but first check out these 7 critical tips before starting to paddle board with your pup.#1: Master Dry Land FirstGet started on dry [...]

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Kurgo Running Team: Maureen Gillespie

Kurgo's running team is based in New England and represents Kurgo by running dog-friendly road races in the area. We hope they inspire everyone to Go Together more with their dogs. "This dog is my soul mate," Runner Maureen Gillespie says about her pup Zorro, who probably hadn't seen a human before she rescued him.At first, [...]

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​6 Tips for Handling High-Energy Dogs

While some dogs are perfectly happy being couch potatoes, many were bred to work. Without proper exercise, this energy can lead to destructive behavior. So, what can you do besides play plenty of games of fetch? As it turns out, dog owners can wear out their high-energy dogs by stimulating their intelligence and working with their natural instincts.NoseworkChristine Caplan, [...]

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Classic Yard Games: The Backyard Birdie

Kurgo’s Backyard Birdie is based off the classic lawn toy, Birdie. This toy brings waves of nostalgia for badminton enthusiasts and provides educational and fun training for your dog. Made with chew friendly and non-toxic Here are some games you can play with your pup, using the Backyard Birdie! Game: Badminton The classic yard game can now involve your dog! We advise [...]

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Upcoming Running Events with Your Dog

Running with your dog is great for the both of you, physically, but it also helps grow an everlasting bond between you and your best friend. Here is a list of 5K’s and running events around the United States to get you and your pup active together.Northeast8th Annual Paws & Claws – Hopkinton, MA - [...]

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Tips for Camping with Canines

For those who love to bring their dogs everywhere with them, camping is the perfect summertime getaway! With endless options for adventure - hiking, swimming, stand up paddle boarding, trail running – camping has a lot to offer for dog and owner, alike. Before planning your camping vacation with your pup this summer, check [...]

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