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Kurgo Running Team: Wendy and Luna (VIDEO)

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Meet Wendy, a seasoned athlete and one of Kurgo's Running Team members. Join her as she explains why she loves running with dog, Luna, and being part of a running team. Are you ready to start running with your dog?

Interested in learning more about running with your dog? Check out our Tips & Training Plan.

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Kurgo Running Team: Abby and Sam (VIDEO)

Meet Abby and her running buddy, Sam. For the past year and a half, Abby and Sam have traveled the world together and shared their love for animals at every destination. Watch their inspiring story below:Interested in learning more about running with your dog? Check out our Tips & Training Plan.

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Kurgo Running Team: Lisa and Dolly (VIDEO)

Meet Lisa, one of Kurgo's Running Team members. Over the course of two years Lisa has run a 5K every month, and has lost 130 pounds along the way. Running with her dogs Dolly and Max is one of her greatest passions and she is always excited knowing that “they love to be with me and I love to [...]

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Kurgo Running Team: Tara and Arnold (VIDEO)

Meet Tara, one of our Kurgo Running Team members. Tara was looking for a training buddy to help her prepare for road races, and she met her best friend Arnold - named after the golfing legend. Although they have only been together for a few months, Tara says that she can’t imagine life without him. Watch their journey [...]

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Popular Dog Breeds by Country

The relationship between humans and dogs reaches deep into histories and cultures around the world. There are many different dog breeds, but the popularity of most of these breeds is dependent upon the region. Countries around the world have different beliefs, cultures, histories, and lifestyles, and this plays heavily into what breeds may be popular.Here are some of the most popular [...]

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How to Install the Car Door Guard (VIDEO)

Keep slobber, paw marks, and scratches from damaging the interior of your car with the Car Door Guard. Designed to cover the inside of a car door, this guard will capture drool or dirt of any kind, and can serve as car storage, as well. Watch this video to see how the Car Door Guard [...]

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How to Install the Kurgo Cargo Cape (VIDEO)

Keep your car clean and you dog comfortable with the Cargo Cape. Follow the instructions in this video to learn how to install the Cargo Cape and keep your car free of mud and dirt. Say goodbye to messes!Already own a Cargo Cape and looking for items to go along with it? Take a look [...]

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How to Install A Bucket Seat Cover (VIDEO)

Keep your passenger seat clean and looking new with the CoPilot Bucket Seat Cover. This car seat protection covers the whole front and back of the passenger seat. To clean, simply remove the cover from the seat and toss it right in the washing machine. To see how the Bucket Seat works, watch this demonstration [...]

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How to Use the Kurgo Auto Zip Line (VIDEO)

Looking for a safe travel restraint option for a dog that likes to have freedom to roam in the back seat? Out Auto Zip Line does just that. Check out the instructional video below to see if this travel solution will work for you and your dog. Already own an Auto Zip Line and looking for [...]

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4 Travel Safety Tips You Should Be Following

Whether you're driving to a nearby dog park, or embarking on a week-long road trip with your dog, it's necessary to properly restrain and buckle up your dog in the car. Follow these four tips below to ensure that your dog is safe at all times on your next journey. For additional information on how to [...]

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