New Muck Collars are Waterproof and Stink Proof

New Muck Collars from Kurgo® are a Waterproof Solution to Smells and Stains

­-With pliable waterproof coating, the fashionable new Muck Collars resist moisture and bacteria for uninhibited play-

July, 2014 (Salisbury, MA) – The pet travel experts at Kurgo® are excited to announce the release of the new Muck Collar, a waterproof solution to dirt, germs and smells that traditional dog collars collect over time. The special flexible coating makes cleaning the collar as easy as soaking it or wiping it down.

“It doesn’t take long for a nylon collar to stain and stink from everything it’s exposed to when adventuring, and we wanted a solution,” said Gordie Spater, President of Kurgo. “Our Muck Collars are comfortable to wear and wipe clean so pets can get as dirty as they want when they play, making them perfect for dogs who frequently hike, hunt, or adventure with their owner.”

Stylish, strong, and 100 percent waterproof, the Muck Dog Collars come in a variety of bright patterns and boast a bottle opener to make for a great end to the day for owners. No more replacing worn collars or dealing with the funky smell they can acquire, with the new Muck Collars pets and owners can romp, splash, and play as hard as they’d like in every environment.