Kurgo Yard Game Toys Win “Best Product” Award from Fear Free Pets

Kurgo Yard Game Toys Win “Best Product” Award from Fear Free Pets

Line of enriching, high-quality, easy-to-use and simple dog-toys wins cutting edge award.

(Salisbury, MA) 5/15/2017 -Fear Free Pets, an organization dedicated to educating veterinary professionals and pet owners on prevention and alleviation of fear, anxiety, and stress recently announced their annual “Fear Free Award” winners at Global Pet Expo 2017. Kurgo, the pet industry’s leading adventure brand is honored to announce that their Classic Yard Game Toys were named a finalist.

The “Fear Free Awards” team carefully reviewed and ranked pet products at Global Pet Expo earlier this year, and recognized only those products based on a variety of measures including: innovation in stress and anxiety relief, as well as overall enrichment for the pet.

The Kurgo Classic Yard Games line of toys includes the Backyard Birdies, Huck-It Horseshoes, Wapple Balls, Doggie Darts, Tossing Discs and Target Jacks.  Each were recognized for their “innovative design and commitment to overall enrichment for our dogs”.

“We are honored and very proud to receive this award from Fear Free Pets,” said Kurgo Co-Founder Gordie Spater. “Enriching our pets through adventure and play with their owner is something we strive for when designing our products.”

Kurgo’s Yard Game Toys are available in a variety of sizes and prices. They are all made of non-toxic TPE material and are PVC free.